Our people

Formwest are a highly skilled and professional team that deliver exceptional formwork services.

Kerry Williams
Owner, Managing Director

Kerry Williams established Formwest in 2004. His technical expertise, passion and determination to exceed client expectations are the foundation on which Formwest was built. Kerry completed his carpentry apprenticeship in Western Australia and has extensive experience in all aspects of formwork construction within Australia and overseas.

Kerry’s collaborative style of leadership ensures the highest level of workmanship and standards are met on every project Formwork undertakes.

Lisa Williams
General Manager

As Formwest’s General Manager, Lisa Williams is responsible for ensuring financial efficiency across all aspects of the organisation. She works closely with Formwest’s management team to achieve this. Lisa is also ultimately responsible for business profitability and sustainable growth.

Lisa’s extensive background in the construction, development and commercial property industries, both in Western Australia and overseas, has provided her with the requisite experience for this role.

Our Team

Our strong, tight knit team of specialist formworkers are the backbone of the Formwest business. Accordingly, we place emphasis on supporting and developing our people. Some have been with us since we started; all are fully accredited and highly trained.

Because we employ a permanent core team of skilled, experienced carpenters, we are a cohesive unit accustomed to working together. This means we provide a great service, and ultimately, deliver better outcomes to our clients.

We always have the right staff at hand for any given project and should we need additional manpower we outsource support.

Our staff embrace Formwest’s service ethos, philosophy and commitment to safety.